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How sharp can a knife be?
Sharp as never before
by which NOWI Knife sharpener.

Knife Grinder & Sharpener
from Austria

Good reasons for NOWI

An excellent knife to own,
is a pleasure.

Absolute sharpness

Freehand sharpening requires a lot of experience. Especially when changing sides and at the tip, a constant grinding angle is impossible to maintain. But if this is not the same over the entire length, the knife loses noticeably in sharpness. We use the term "absolute sharpness" because with NOWI a previously impossible precision can be achieved with the manual method.

Value retention

It is well known that cheap sharpening tools ruin a good knife in a few seconds. High-quality blades are therefore often sent out for servicing. Although the industrial method produces a useful sharpness for a short time, it has significant disadvantages:
- Unnecessary reduction of the substance due to an automated high removal rate
- Insufficient cooling during the grinding process leads to molecular structural changes in the steel, which can result in negative properties.
- The running costs are considerable

Another disadvantage of industrial sharpening is the insufficiently high grain, which is why the grade cannot be polished out completely and the knife does not get the sharpness that the steel would allow.


Katocut uses high-precision bearings from the field of precision mechanics, which are equipped with a sufficient safety reserve to ensure maximum performance for many years. The core is the patented power transmission, with which the deviation is significantly below a result-influencing value even after years. The result is a previously impossible consistency of sharpness over the entire cutting edge. The device is adjustable for right- and left-handers.

Traditional method

Blades have been honed on water stones in Japan for more than a thousand years. We honor this tradition and do not use any electrical parts. You can also purchase whetstone sets or individual whetstones in our webshop under the item whetstones. The entire workflow from pre-grinding to finishing is covered.


Compared to the costs of a grinding service, our NOWI systems pay for themselves within 12 to 16 months and are then cost-saving and profitable. The value retention of the grinding material is not yet included in this calculation. Because the sophisticated design does not require an electric drive, the service life of NOWI systems is over 10 years. 
to Amortisation calculation


In the selection of the material and the design, we have placed particular emphasis on solidity.
Attractive design and use go hand in hand.
KATOCUT stands for Quality & Precision Made in Austria
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