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Return / Exchange
Customer account
How do I return an order?
If you wish to cancel your contract within 14 days by means of an unequivocal declaration, please use the Cancellation formwhich you will find below.
Please fill in this form truthfully and completely and send it to us at the address indicated on the Cancellation form specified e-mail address. Once we have received the goods, you will receive your money back from us within 14 days.
For the sake of the environment, we point out that with your revocation you agree to bear the direct costs of returning the goods. In this way, we would like to consciously encourage targeted purchasing decisions and keep returns to a minimum.
My device was damaged during shipping or by other influences, how should I proceed?
If you receive your package visibly damaged, please document the damage by photo, if you have the possibility to report the damage(s) immediately upon receipt of the package, you are obliged to inform the delivery service that the damage may have an impact on the goods inside and the delivery driver has to note this for reasons of liability. In case of damage to the device please contact us herewe'll find a solution.
What to do if the shipping costs for my country are not defined?
If your country is not listed, please contact us for an individual offer.
Please use our Contact form. All other shipping costs you will find here.
I would like to order from a non-EU country, is this possible?
Yes this is possible, please contact us using the contact form on our website, or click on here.
We will then be pleased to make you an individual offer for your country.
Can I order tax-free as a Swiss customer?
Yes, a delivery from Austria to Switzerland can be made VAT-exempt. We issue the necessary customs documents and handle the preliminary work with the customs authorities. We point out that the customer is independently responsible for further customs clearance and has to pay the fees incurred.
I am an entrepreneur with UID and would like an IG delivery, do I have the possibility to do this?
Yes You have the possibility of a tax-free intra-community delivery if you have a VAT number. You can enter this number in the shop at the end of the order process. Since we are required by law to check your UID, this may take a short moment until you receive an order confirmation, this is not yet an assurance of the conclusion of the contract on our part. This takes place with the shipping confirmation of the goods.
I have no experience in bench stone sharpening, is a sharpening system suitable for me?
The system has been designed so that no experience or previous knowledge is necessary to sharpen a knife on the system. Follow the instructions in the manual and you will see that after the first use you will be the owner of a perfectly sharp knife.
I have already acquired a sharpening technique when freehand sharpening with water stones, can I use this with the Nowi systems?
Sharpening is, like so many things, a matter of practice, but the experience of top chefs and restaurateurs has shown that even professionals reach their limits when sharpening freehand and do not achieve the grinding quality as with a stable-angle system. Statements from renowned users such as the knife cuts up to 10 times longer and noticeably better confirm the use of a Nowi sharpening system.
This does not mean that you cannot use your technique, which you may have acquired freehand, on the Nowi system. The system is basically designed to keep the knife at a stable angle above the whetstone throughout the entire sharpening movement from tip to hilt. The movement of the knife is still up to you and is not tied to any particular technique. In the operating instructions you will find the technique we recommend on how to achieve a perfect result safely and quickly.
Where are the Nowi systems manufactured?
Nowi systems stand for quality and precision from Austria. We know our suppliers personally and are in close cooperation with state-of-the-art manufacturing from home. We believe that a knife sharpener equal to the best blades requires an uncompromising standard in purchasing and manufacturing. That is why we use components from precision engineering, the watch industry, high-strength aluminium from aircraft construction and high-quality stainless steel. These components give the product that certain charm which rounds off the perfection of the manufacturing.
For us, uncompromising means no cheap imports, components from reliable partners and the shortest possible transport routes. This product sets an example against the naturalized throwaway society and contributes to the protection of our environment.
The final product is assembled by hand under a strict 4 eyes principle and individually sealed. Before the device reaches you, a seal comes from the managers on the case, because Katocut seht for exclusive products.
Is there a possibility to order spare parts for the device or a possibility to repair it?
Our devices are manufactured with the greatest care, assembled and individually checked, but wear parts are also unavoidable in precision mechanics and through use, these must also be replaced once depending on the intensity of use. Therefore, there is of course the possibility of ordering spare parts, or a repair in our house. Please use the Contact form, or order the components in the shop.


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