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This diamond-studded aluminium block with stainless steel end from Tsuboman in Japan is a high-quality medium-coarse diamond whetstone. It is used for the compensation of nicks and for basic grinding, its removal is to be enjoyed with caution. These high-quality diamonds also perform best as dressing blocks. In contrast to other diamond sharpening media, the diamonds in Atoma's products are applied in a special pattern to a stainless steel plate, which is then bonded to an aluminium block and can be replaced if worn. Due to the special pattern when applied to the stainless steel plate, the break-off of diamond particles is reduced and the service life is noticeably increased. With this abrasive you do not have to worry about hollow points.


Technical details

Grain #400
Size: 210 mm x 75 mm x 11 mm
Weight 555 gram

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