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The Kitayama #8000 is a product from the northern mountains of Kyoto in Japan. In the past, those people who were expelled from the imperial court fled there. The landscape stands out beautifully, which is also where the basic material for this high-quality bench stone comes from. In a small fine bank stone manufactory the there won source rock is processed to one of the best bank stones. Due to its traditional touch, this stone is delivered on a wooden base (bamboo). The Kitayama also has a ceramic base and is thicker than the bank stones from the Shapton series. The Kitayama stones are characterized by a very reliable quality and precise results. This stone works in combination with a Shapton #1000 like a dream team.

A Nagura stone is included for flattening the grinding surface and creating a fine polishing paste.

Technical details

Grain #8000
hard-bonded ceramic base
Colour cream
Size 200 x 75 x 25 mm
Glued on bamboo base

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