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The 3M masking tape series 2090 is a versatile tape for masking a variety of surfaces. The tape is 36 mm wide and one roll is 50 m long. It is UV and water resistant and can be removed from the adhesive surface for 14 days without leaving any adhesive residue. It adheres reliably to most surfaces and ensures that the sanding material remains free of scratches.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of the adhesive tape:

  • 3M adhesive tapes are market leaders and offer reliable quality at a fair price
  • Adhesive tape can be removed without leaving any residue
  • Water and UV resistance ensure insensitivity to environmental influences
  • Protects the surface of the abrasive material from scratches or damage
  • Available in 36 or 48 mm width at 50m each
  • Uniform thickness for an unchanged sanding result

Technical details

width 36mm, length 50m
colour blue
Brand 3M Series 2090
UV & water insensitive
can be removed without adhesive residue for 14 days
protects surfaces from scratches or damage
adheres reliably to many surfaces

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