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Our magnetic holder large is a holder for standard kitchen knives and knives that exceed the usual dimensions. Suitable for Nowi Per and Nowi Home this magnetic holder represents a reliable clamping option for standard kitchen knives and very large knives. 2 neodymium magnets and a sufficiently large end stop provide the necessary secure hold on the system so that even dragon slayers do not begin to tip and can be moved over the whetstone at a stable angle.

To protect the surface of your abrasive products, we recommend protecting the contact surface of the magnet with the special 3M adhesive tape available from us, so that no scratches get into the surface of your abrasive products. The adhesive tape has no effect on the holding force of the magnets, as they have been dimensioned with sufficient reserve.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of the large magnetic holder:

  • Fixing possibility for standard kitchen knives and knives above the usual dimensions
  • Strong holding force
  • When covered with adhesive tape, extremely gentle on surfaces so that high-quality finishes of knives are not damaged
  • In the Nowi Per Complete set included

Technical details

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