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Our magnetic holder small is a holder especially for pettys and naps. Suitable for NowiPer and NowiHome this magnetic holder is a reliable clamping option for smaller knives. Due to its great strength with 2 magnets, this attachment holds your smaller knives reliably without tilting angularly stable over the grindstone.

To protect the surface of your abrasive products, we recommend protecting the contact surface of the magnet with the special 3M adhesive tape available from us, so that no scratches get into the surface of your abrasive products. The adhesive tape has no effect on the holding force of the magnets, as they have been dimensioned with sufficient reserve.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of the small magnetic holder:

  • Fastening possibility for nickers and pettys as well as vegetable knives with narrow blade height
  • Strong holding force
  • When covered with adhesive tape, extremely gentle on surfaces so that high-quality finishes of knives are not damaged
  • In the NowiPer Complete set included

Technical details


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