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Our knife clamp is a holder for maximum efficiency. Once the knife is set up in the clamp, you no longer need to take the knife out of the holder from pre-sharpening to finishing, the time of re-clamping is therefore eliminated and there is a significant reduction in the turnaround time of sharpening for a knife. Due to the adjustment possibilities by means of the supplied Allen key you can tension and sharpen everything from pettys and nickers to large knives accurately. Suitable for Nowi Per and Nowi Home the knife clamp facilitates the process on the device and prevents the surface of the grinding material from being scratched due to the clamping effect.

To be on the safe side, you can also protect the contact surface of the blade to the clamping jaws with the special 3M adhesive tape available from us, so that no alteration of the surface of your grinding goods takes place. Especially for lacquered blades or blades with a high quality finish this should be considered. The adhesive tape leaves no adhesive residue due to a special technology, so that the masked surface does not have to be cleaned of adhesive residue afterwards.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of the knife clamp:

  • Fastening possibility for small as well as large knives of different types
  • Adjustable clamping force by means of tool
  • No reclamping necessary when changing sides
  • Maximum efficiency from basic sanding to polishing with the finest grit size
  • High protection of the surface due to clamping

Technical details

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