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Nowi Home offers you not only the advantage of a free choice of abrasives and angular stability over the entire length of the blade, but also the advantage of a choice of three fixed sharpening angles, which have been carefully adapted to your area of application. You can choose between a 30° cutting edge angle, a 35° cutting edge angle and a 40° cutting edge angle. You will find the table of application areas linked below:

Assistance for the correct angle selection

The benefit of Nowi Home is that the fixed angle attachments mean that you do not have to think about a sharpening angle for long and can thus sharpen your knives with great repeat accuracy. You do not have to worry about the grinding of your knife, because we have included an empirically determined correction factor in order to be able to sharpen as many types of knives as possible with as little deviation as possible due to the grinding of the knife with regard to the cutting edge angle. Nowi Home is the right device for you if you have a knife block in use or your field of application is limited to fixed angles.

Here you will find the advantages of Nowi Home summarized:

  • Choice of 3 fixed grinding angles for your field of application
  • Free choice of abrasives
  • Additional fine adjustment allows the constant contact pressure, which is decisive for the sharpness, with increasing grain size of the abrasives.
  • Reclamping is history with the additionally available clamp, turn your knife easily like never before to save valuable time while sharpening
  • Constant sharpening angle over the entire blade
  • The free angle adjustment of 5-45° is also available for the Home System.

Technical details

Die Bedienungsanleitung des Nowi Home finden Sie here.

Scope of delivery:

  • Nowi Home Grundgerät
  • Magnethalter komplett im ausgewählten Winkel
  • Zubehör und Werkzeug
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