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Our basic units are designed so that you can put together your own individual Nowi sharpening system. If you do not want to miss a benefit of the other Nowi device, you can tailor your Nowi system exactly to your needs according to the configuration table. The Nowi Home Basic unit gives you the choice between a freely adjustable grinding holder and grinding holders with fixed angles.

Regardless of whether you purchase the freely adjustable sharpening holder or a sharpening holder with a fixed angle, only our devices offer you a free choice of abrasives and the angular stability over the entire blade length that is essential for sharpening. Another benefit over other sharpeners on the market is that our Nowi systems honor millennia of tradition and deliver previously impossible results on bench sharpening media.

Here you will find the advantages of a Nowi Home Basic device combined:

  • Choice between freely adjustable grinding holder and grinding holder with fixed angles
  • Free choice of abrasives
  • Accessories according to configuration table
  • Lower weight due to aluminium base plate and more compact size
  • Perfect for hobby applications


Configuration list Nowi Home



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