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This premium honing stone from Ohishi in Japan is a synthetic stone with a high natural stone content, which saves space and costs due to its different grain size on both sides. Good results can also be achieved with this stone. In Japan, it is often used to sharpen chisels, planes, Kiridashis and high-quality knives made of Japanese blade steel to a perfect edge.

For many users, combination stones are sufficient. For users who sharpen a lot, however, a combination stone can prove to be disadvantageous, as only one grinding side of each grit size is available. In contrast to a stone with only one grit size, it cannot be turned over if a hollow spot forms and must be dressed before sharpening can continue.

However, combination stones are advantageous because of their lower price and the space they save compared to stones with only one grain size.

Technical details

Grain size #1000/#6000
Artificial stone with natural stone content
Color blue/cream
Size 205 x 75 x 30 mm
5mm thicker than the Kitayama #8000

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