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To keep your bench stones non-slip on the system, we recommend the use of an abrasive stone holder. Our grinding stone holders ensure a secure hold of the abrasives on the base plate of the system, the special low-odour rubber compound ensures that your abrasives do not slip on the system. The stainless steel rods allow stones with a length of 185 mm to 220 mm to be securely fixed in them. The support width is around 70 mm, which is sufficient for the majority of standard bench stones. The grindstone holder has an extremely precise workmanship, the rubber jaws glide backlash-free in the guide. It seems at first glance to be identical in construction with cheaper grindstone holders, but the difference lies in the materials used and the precision in manufacturing.

Here you will find a summary of the advantages of the whetstone holder:

  • High quality low odour rubber compound
  • Rustproof due to stainless steel rods
  • Backlash-free sliding of the rubber jaws due to high manufacturing precision
  • width of 70mm, covers almost all bench bricks available on the market
  • Secure grip even on wet surfaces

Technical details

Holds stones with a length of 185 mm to 220 mm
Width of support is 70 mm, but narrower or wider stones can also be set.
high quality low odour adhesive rubber for a firm grip

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