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Bankstones from the Shapton family from Nabatame in the province of Tochigi (Japan) are the hardest and most wear-resistant Japanese waterstones with very good abrasion! Unlike almost all other bankstones, they hold their shape best and need to be dressed less often, resulting in an enormously long life. If you are wondering what Ha-no-kuromaku means, the answer is here: "cutting behind the scenes". This confirms the inconspicuousness of these stones very well.

This high-quality ceramic-based bench stone from the Ha-no-kuromaku series by Shapton is supplied in a sturdy plastic box, which provides protection during storage. Each grain has its own color. The storage box can be used as a whetstone holder, but we advise against this and recommend the use of a professional bench stone holder. The Shapton #2000 is green in colour. It is sufficient to wet the Shapton #2000 with water as needed when in use, prior soaking in water is not necessary with these stones except for the Shapton #12000.

Technical details

Grain size #2000
hard-bonded ceramic base
Colour green
Size: 210 mm x 70 mm x 15 mm

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