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Sharp for professionals.

NOWI Pro leaves nothing to be desired, a high quality base of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum for the moving parts to reduce unwanted inertia during sharpening to a minimum. Manufactured under strict quality control and assembled in Austria, this device makes no compromise in terms of precision and value retention. Designed for the professional who knows his knives like the back of his hand, individual angles with an accuracy of 0.1° due to the resolution of the electronic protractor.
Included clamping heads for kitchen knives, paring knives or pettys and a pot magnet ensure that you are not faced with unfinished business with NOWI Pro. An additionally purchasable clamp also puts even the small amount of time spent reclamping to shame. In order to work with a constant adjustable contact pressure, a fine adjustment is included with the device, which provides reliable support when polishing the grade.
Supplied in a dustproof, impact-resistant plastic case with specially milled foam insert for transport and storage, our patented system will take you to unprecedented sharpness.

To NOWI PRO you will find in our shop:

Nowi Pro complete set

 1.599,00 1.699,00

Pro & Home comparison


Complete set


Complete set
Base plate
high-grade stainless steel
Anodised aluminium
Main shaft
high-grade stainless steel
Anodised aluminium
Anodised aluminium
Anodised aluminium
Stainless steel screws
galvanized bolts
high quality, non-slip,
screwed rubber feet
bonded non-slip rubber feet
5,9 Kg
1,8 kg
Total size (LxWxH)
519x200x303 mm
468x180x265 mm
Dimension base plate (LxW)
340x200 mm
306x180 mm
Dimension main shaft
Ø 25mm
Ø 20mm
Total length arms
494 mm
434 mm
Maximum grinding height
approx. 160 mm
approx. 125 mm
Knife blade length
up to approx. 450 mm
up to approx. 250mm
Grinding holder
Freely adjustable grinding angle from 5°-45
selectable in 30°, 35°, 40°
Fine tuning
Recommended use
Scope of delivery
Nowi Pro basic unit

Nowi Pro Magnetic Tray

Grinding holder with free
adjustable angle

Magnetic disk 
Ø 25mm

Magnetic holder small

Magnetic holder large

Level Box

optional transport & storage case

Miscellaneous tools
Nowi Home basic unit

Nowi Home Stomach Tray

Grinding holder selectable in
30°, 35° or 40° cutting edge angle

Magnetic disk 
Ø 25mm

Miscellaneous tools
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