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Exquisite bankstone combinations for breathtaking sharpness.

In this section you will find tried and tested grinding sets that we have put together and recommended. With them you will achieve fast and clean results with high repeatability.

" For a good result, several passes with different stones are necessary.
" Always start with a coarse grit and work your way up to the finest available.
" The higher the steel quality of the blade, the finer the grain of the bench stone in the final pass.
"High quality hard-bonded bench stones give better results than soft-bonded stones.

The right combination of abrasive stones determines the success, trust our expertise. The majority of the abrasives in our range are original bench stones from small Japanese manufacturers, which will accompany you reliably for a lifetime.

Set 1

Entry-level set

The beginner's set is a cost-effective solution for all who want to explore bench stone sharpening and grants good results with little effort. The Ohishi Toshi combination stone in #1000 and #6000 is very easy to handle and thus causes a fast learning process.

consisting of:
" high quality whetstone holder
" Atoma diamond plate #400
"Ohishi Toishi combination stone #1000/6000
"Spray bottle for wetting the abrasives

Set 2

Everyday set

The Shapton #1000 and the Kitayama #8000 whetstone are a perfect team and achieve fast clean results. The everyday set is ideal for knives in daily use. The set is therefore kept very simple to keep the time on the device as low as possible and to use the time as effectively as possible.

consisting of:
" high quality whetstone holder
" Atoma diamond plate #400
"Shapton #1000
" Kitayama #8000
"Spray bottle for wetting the abrasives

Set 3

Professional set

The professional set is designed for true perfectionists. The fine gradation of the grits creates a cutting edge with shaving sharpness. The professional set requires a little more time in handling, but the results will convince you and speak for themselves.

consisting of:
" high quality whetstone holder
" Atoma #400
"Shapton #1000
"Shapton #2000
" Shapton #5000
"Shapton #12000
"Spray bottle for wetting the abrasives

Grinding tips

We recommend starting with a grit of 220 to 400, depending on the degree of damage and wear of the blade. Then work your way up to the highest grit, depending on the grinding set.
If the cutting edge is not damaged and you are only resharpening, you can omit the basic sharpening and start with a grit of 1000 or more.
Most bench stones should be soaked in water for about 5-6 minutes before use. Also make sure the surface is wetted later to collect the removed material from the blade and keep the surface free of debris.

You can find all grinding sets in our shop:

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