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Vision & Mission Statement

Our vision consists of only one sentence:
We create products that can stand toe-to-toe with the best knives in the world.

In a good knife lives the artisan culture of a country, this value and the associated tradition of sharpening knives on bench stones, we want to maintain. With this traditional method, our system enables a previously impossible precision and the resulting sharpness. Taking into account the wishes of experts and users from a wide variety of fields, a patented sharpening system was developed which, for the first time, enables angle-stable sharpening over the entire length of the blade.

A knife sharpener equal to the best blades requires an uncompromising standard of purchasing and manufacturing.
These are bearings from precision mechanics, linear shafts from the watch industry, aircraft aluminium and special stainless steel.

Uncompromising means for us, no cheap imports and the production of all components from domestic producers. We know each supplier personally, meaning the transport routes are short and environmentally friendly. The final product is assembled by hand and individually sealed, this stands for the exclusivity of Katocut.
KATOCUT stands for Quality & Precision Made in Austria


As technicians, Lukas and Alexander place great value on good tools for cooking. A few years ago, they began forging their first own knives. Soon the question of a suitable sharpening device arose. When intensive research also failed to produce a satisfactory result, they decided to take on the challenge as designers and solve the problem themselves.

After many experiments, suggestions for improvement and prototypes, a sharpening device was developed with various users and sharpening specialists that meets even the high demands of professionals and stands on a par with the best knives in the world. After filing the patent application, the NOWI Pro sharpener went on sale and a wave of positive feedback led us to the decision to also create a device for hobby chefs. During the development of the NOWI Home System, a family friend, Peter, offered to help us. Since he spent part of his youth in Japan and discovered his passion for knives there, he liked the idea from the first second and soon the fascinated user became part of the Katocut team.

Why we chose the name Katocut is simple, Kato comes from Japanese meaning "the smart one" and cut from English meaning "cut", so the smart cut.


Lukas and Alexander already got to know each other in their school days and quickly realized that they share a passion for technology and the associated solution of technical problems. Since both have an excellent technical understanding due to their childhood in the country, they quickly became the contact person for problems of technical origin that needed to be solved. Even today, we often receive inquiries about problems for which there is no "out of the box" solution, which we are happy to address with full commitment.

Since running a company requires more than just technical know-how, the two decided to complete a degree in economics after completing their training at a technical college. After the economic area had been sufficiently reflected, the two founded Katocut without further ado. Peter, a successful entrepreneur and founder of several companies, came across our product during a visit to the family and was so enthusiastic that he became part of the team. With his extraordinary expertise and experience in many areas, he is a reliable contact person.
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Lukas Pöchinger
Hunter, engineer and perfectionist. He likes to cook for his friends and solve technical problems.
ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Alexander Hackl
Hobby chef, engineer and cutler. He never tires of testing until he finds the solution.
Dr. peter jonas
Entrepreneur and amateur chef. He spent several months in Japan in his youth, where he learned the art of knifemaking.
KATOCUT stands for Quality & Precision Made in Austria
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